Waiakea Water: Helping The Environment

Waiakea water is known to many as Hawaii volcanic water. The product itself has stood out from many other bottled water products because of its quality. Nowadays many people are very concerned about getting water from their faucet and prefer to drink water directly from a bottle. It comes down to the source of the water the company puts in the bottle. One may never know that alkaline water could simply just be tap water that has been given ph from a machine. When you do your research, you get a chance to verify the water the company is using in it’s bottles.

Waiakea Water has volcanic water benefits and doesn’t harm our bodies. We must pay attention on how ph has an effect on our bodies overall. As we continue to drink and eat acidic foods, we are eventually damaging our health. It’s important to know the ph inside the water we consume on a daily basis. This is important if we want to maintain or tissue and cellular health. You must understand the scale of ph 0 to 14. If you have a lower number of ph, this basically means the source contains a lot of acidic substance. If you discover the number is much higher, then the substance is filled with more alkaline. Keep in mind, that our bodies should maintain 7.4 ph to prevent disease and uphold our health.

With a natural alkaline ph of 8.2, Waiakea water ph ensures that its bottled water remains non acidic, but instead gives the body a list of health benefits other brands don’t offer. Waiakea stand by its product and is involved on a global level to provide drinking water to various regions. The company continues to donate water sticking with their mission to improve the environment and those that live in it. CEO and founder, Ryan Emmons, has led the company of Waiakea since 2012. At a young age, he had a depreciating for health and environment and most of all clean living. The idea to create Waiakea came to him when he tasted some water at the base of a Hawaii volcano.