Whitney Wolfe Has Big Plans For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is an example of the modern businesswoman. She has managed to complete a mixture of female empowerment and dating into her creative platform Bumble. Bumble has embarked into the world of dating with women empowerment at its core. The app focuses on putting women at the forefront and allowing them to make the first move. Bumble has established itself in the dating app world as the go to app for women wanting to be at the spotlight of dating.

Channeling female empowerment into an app industry that typically favors men was no easy task for the CEO. Whitney Wolfe has previous experience of leading a technology and creating dating apps for today’s tech savvy daters. Although she is a hard worker and has trained her team to turn Bumble into a success, she knows the importance of balance. She works to create a workplace that involves fun. She treats her staff of sixty people to spa days, eatings and movies.

Some may think Whitney Wolfe has peaked with Bumble. But Bumble is only scratching the surface for this businesswoman. She plans to launch a skincare line. This company will speak to her female customer base that care about beauty and skincare regimens. The company works with dermatologists and therapists to concoct serums that will help aid emotional issues as well as skincare issues. The serums will launch with quirky names that relate to relationships. She is also working to push Bumble’s sister company Bumble BFF. This app allows for professionals to network. This app encourages hiring, discussions and scheduling meetings and events with other professionals. All of her plans are in an effort of creating a digital community that puts emphasis on women and the causes women are concerned about.

Whitney Wolfe’s days are busy. She is in between meetings, speaking with staff, juggling the profiles of thirty million daters and handling a legal situation. No wonder Whitney Wolfe plans relaxing retreats at the end of the work week for her company’s staff. According to her husband, even a Harvard business class could not teach business better than his wife.

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Gareth Henry Speaks Out About Gay Rights

Those who are members of the lesbian and gay communities can face serious problems merely because of who they are. They may be denied job opportunities, ostracized by their parents and shunned by other members of their community. One person who is speaking out about his personal experience as a gay man is Jamaican native Gareth Henry. Gareth Henry grew up on this island nation. He wants to tell the world about what it is like to feel such harsh issues and how to help those who are suffering. Gareth Henry now lives in Toronto, Canada and feels he can raise his voice for those who cannot do the same. Over the course of his career in sports, he’s helped to raise awareness about the specific issues that gays and lesbians face throughout their lives. The place of his birth makes it a crime to have same sex relationships. This makes it one of seventy-six countries across the globe where gays and lesbians have to live in terror of being harmed or thrown in jail.

Over time, Gareth Henry saw this in person in his own life. He tells the world that thirteen of his friends have actually been literally killed merely for being gay. This is why he does what he does right now. He wants to help create ways to make sure that no one is ever persecuted because of their sexual orientation. He was personally beaten up over a decade ago by a policeman in his homeland in front of a jeering crowd. Moving to Canada has given him a new lease on life and a great opportunity to feel totally free. His work with the organization Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and volunteerism with an organization called the Rainbow Railroad have helped him realize he is not alone. He wants to reach out to all gay and lesbian youth who also may feel alone and feel that no one is listening to their concerns. Henry is there for them. He wants to let them know there is help available that will let them escape potential persecution.

Businessman With Extraordinary Vision: Mr. Guilherme Paulus

Has been the most successful businessman in ventures involving tourism, Guilherme Paulus is a very sought out individual. What are some of the key standouts about Guilherme Paulus? What is it that makes him stand apart from the crowd? Let’s take a brief look into just who Mr. Guilherme Paulus is.

As being the largest entrepreneur in the country of Brazil, Guilherme Paulus is recognized across the globe for his services within the tourism sector. As being the founder of the travel agency CVC, this has enhanced his presence with all things travel and tourism. As always being a person with a desire to hear and listen to others, this has given Guilherme Paulus the advantage needed when it comes to being successful as an entrepreneur.

His travel agency, CVC what’s responsible for transporting over 5 million tourists. With such an amazing amount of activity, Guilherme is not satisfied. Instead, he wants to expand because of his desire to constantly grow and improve on yesterday’s success. Seeking to reach at least 2,000 stores by the year 2020, he has clearly made his vision known to all those who work with him and are closest to him. When he first approached the tourism travel agency arena, he quickly noticed and understood that there was a vast opportunity waiting to be taken. Like any great and successful businessman would do, he quickly seized the opportunity and the rest is history.

With catchy cliches that provide with timeless wisdom when moments of clarity and direction are needed, Guilherme is a very inspirational businessman today. Because he understands the principle of saving first in order to create wealth, his advice to younger businessman and businesswomen are timeless principles that few are giving out today. A key component to the success of Mr. Paulus is his ability to look at past events and see where his mistakes came and develop a plan of action to ensure those same mistake doesn’t happen a second time around. This is just a small example of just how important Guilherme is to the travel agency world today.

Dr. Rick Shinto Has Been The Driving Force Behind The Rapid Growth And Success Of The Managed Healthcare Service Provider, InnovaCare Health

Dr. Rick Shinto, M.D., is a well-known personality in the Healthcare industry. Throughout his life, he has been engaged in this field with the purpose of providing patients utmost care and financial benefits through customized medical plans. He is the current Chairman and CEO of InnovaCare, a managed healthcare services provider committed to the improvement in the current healthcare industry by providing subsidized medical plans that cover a long list of illnesses. They implement this with the help of over 7,500 providers and currently has a customer base of 200,000 people.


For decades patients and elderly people have struggled to cope with the ever-increasing price of medical plans. InnovaCare makes the difference and mostly operates from Puerto Rico. Apart from providing patient care, they also provide them with moral assistance.


For twenty long years, he has fought the system and has been very successful at it. He earned his medical degree from the New York University and later did his MBA from the University of Redlands. He has worked in different firm playing diverse roles. Before founding InnovaCare Health he was the CEO of Aveta Inc. for three years. He has received many awards and accolades throughout his career and the last one being the Entrepreneur of The Year presented by the financial giant, Ernst & Young. For more info you can visit modernhealthcare.com


The company made three new additions to the leadership. They are Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino. All of the bring vast experience from their respective domains and are determined to steer the company towards a better future.


Starting with Penelope Kokkinides, she has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer in the managed healthcare company. She is working in the healthcare industry for 15 years. With an experience of working with medical plans such as Medicaid and Medicare, she held top positions at different firms, the last one being Aveta Inc. you can checkout zoominfo.com for more.


Jonathan Meyers has been appointed as the Chief Actuarial Officer. He was the Director of Actuarial Services for Horizon BCBS that focused on Medicaid and Medicare. He is known for devising affordable healthcare plans for the benefit of the members of employee unions.

Lastly, Mike Sortino will be serving as the Chief Accounting Officer at InnovaCare. With an experience of twenty years in the finance sector, he played different roles and worked as the Controller of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company Limited before he joined InnovCare. In the initial days of his career, he worked for 5 years in the public accounting division of HCC Specialty.


Visit: https://connect.data.com/company/view/kOvnO9HbFUEskLldOgdM-w/innovacare-health


Rocketship Education Still Going Strong

Rocketship Education is a chain of non-profit, K-5 college preparatory charter schools based in San Jose, California. From its inception in 2006, Rocketship used a blended education approach to introduce technology into schools in underserved communities. The mission was to help students who were lagging in educational achievements to be able to meet and exceed age appropriate standards. The curriculum is teacher led, flexible, and technology supported, and students receive personalized assignments that are matched to their needs. Parents are engaged in the learning experience and Rocketship garners community and financial support by stressing its positive results.

Though there have been a number of academic gains, results have been inconsistent. Critics have stated that academic achievements have come at the risk of increased pressure on teachers and unreasonable expectations on students. Rocketship Education has responded to negative publicity by explaining that even in down years student performance is still better than other public or charter schools in the California area. The administration also points out that learning is more efficient because projects are personalized and learning is more relevant so students progress more quickly.

The blended learning approach has also led to gains in areas like student self-control, self-discipline, and independent learning. Based on the high level of success, the school planned a major expansion in 2015. Unfortunately, the moves did not go as well as planned and Rocketship had to answer critics once again. They did this by admitting that the lab type experience is difficult to replicate and there is a limited availability of teachers who are trained to teach using the blended method. These facts along with issues with funding and new community support forced the school to scale back its expansion plans.

Rocketship has also been under fire for operating more like a business than a non-profit. In response, the school stressed its community involvement in a number of projects to encourage women to pursue mathematics and science and to support all students in their pursuit of higher education.

Matt Badiali Claims Silver is a Buy

Unlike most financial advisors Matt Badiali spent his life building an entire resume as a geologist before he realized he had true potential and skill in the world of finance. He has developed a reputation for himself as an individual who can spot a natural resource stock worth investing in. He recently made a bold claim about silver potentially being a phenomenal investment. Silver, like many other commodities, has recently taken a severe beating. The price was pushed down to $14.15 at the beginning of September. Silver is very close to hitting its 2015 low. Silver had a nice bounce in the first half of 2016, but it could not hold the momentum. Matt Badiali tells investors that the current price action in silver had not been seen since the 2008 Housing Crisis.

Matt Badiali pointed out that the strength in the United States dollar is the reason that we have been witnessing the decline in the precious metals. The dollar tends to be a safe-haven during geopolitical uncertainty. Many countries around the world are facing problems with their currencies devaluing, so they are dumping their own currencies and buying dollars. A strengthening dollar will usually be bad for commodities and they will tend to decline. The strong dollar and weak commodities have been the trend for a good portion of this year.

Matt Badiali tells investors that over the past couple of years cryptocurrencies have gained popularity because there is growing distrust in fiat currencies. He says that people who would have put their money into gold and silver many years ago are choosing the cryptocurrencies instead, which is why the cryptocurrency market skyrocketed in a short period of time. Matt Badiali places a contrarian view on silver. He says the silver prices are historically cheap, and the fundamentals for owning silver have never been stronger. Industrial demand for silver has continued to grow year after year. For us to have our modern economy and with other countries around the world pushing for cleaner energy, the demand for silver will only go higher. At these extremes in silver, it is possible for investors to make serious gains.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MattBadialiGuru

David McDonald Interview about OSI


David McDonald started his career in OSI at the point when growth and innovation filtered operations. He became part of this development and embraced to date.

In an interview with CEOCFO Magazine, McDonald stated that he joined OSI Group 30 years ago and it had an incredible aspiration towards growth. This aspiration and drive still exist. The high interest towards growth and development is the foundation of the OSI Group culture. The dream back then was to be entirely global and be valued and trusted partners to their customers.

David McDonald witnessed the growth and development of OSI Group instilling much knowledge in him regarding the being steeped in the OSI Group Corporate culture and the inherent technical issues in the operation of close partnership with the various other companies based in other regions. McDonald intuitively came to understand the OSI Group leadership vision, its dedication not only towards growth but also towards the development of a stable workforce that incorporates long-term rates of retention.

David McDonald also affirmed that their vision has barely changed. The growth of this company is driven by their consistent dedication towards improvement and more delivery to their customers. He noted that OSI Group values the family within. They view their people and their customers as a part of their family. Their motive is to come up with products that offer maximum satisfaction to their respective families.

McDonald was grounded firmly on OSI Group leadership by the time China joined WTO, World Trade Organization back in 2001. When Otto & Sons experienced a concurrent growth with McDonald’s restaurant, OSI Group had already established its business foundation in China before the entrance of China. The OSI Group was set and well prepare to grow concurrently with the Chinese economy that was covered by a period of instant growth.

The growth was still in process as there were some joint venture entities led by OSI in conjunction with WFOEs (Wholly Foreign-Owned Entities) that were based in China. David McDonald was the central character who was involved in operating the Chinese bureaucratic labyrinth ins and outs. This was enabled by OSI Group leadership emphasis on a legitimate partnership with the neighboring businesses in conjunction with its corporate structure.

Sahm Adrangi Shorts St. Joe

New York-based investment management firm, Kerrisdale Capital, recently published a negative report regarding the $1 billion valuations of St. Joe Company, which they believe is “over-valued and over-hyped.” The company’s Chief Investment Officer, Sahm Adrangi, who has made a name for himself across the investment world for his aggressive stance regarding the short-selling of various businesses, estimates that St. Joe Company’s stock is worth 40 percent less than its current valuation. In the report, Sahm Adrangi and company suggest that much of the land resources available to St. Joe Company is “swampy, remote, and unlikely to be developed soon.” This claim by Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital counters the recent rise in value for St. Joe Company, as their plan to create a prominent destination and retirement community near Panama City Beach, has driven up investing interest as of late. In actuality, the land to be developed by St. Joe Company, has been virtually untouched for nearly a decade, with attempts at serious progress enduring a number of successive hurdles. 2015 marks the last time that any real movement was seen regarding the project, and, according to Kerrisdale Capital’s report, no permits to further the development have been garnered. Much of the profitable land owned by St. Joe Company has already been utilized, and with a market that has recently seen an influx of activity, teetering on the point of oversaturation, real estate developers and shareholders may be in for a rude awakening.

St. Joe Company also has another issue due to affect their value, being that Fairholme Fund owns 22.7 million shares of their stock. New Securities and Exchange Commission regulations will require Fairholme Fund to dispose of 10 million shares by December 1, 2018, making for a perilous process between now and that time. There is also the possibility of a conflict of interest litigation due to the fact that Fairholme’s fund manager, Bruce Berkowitz, is also the chairman of the board at St. Joe Company. If Bruce Berkowitz and the two other Fairholme directors affiliated with St. Joe Company, choose to step down in order to “ease regulations on trading,” Sahm Adrangi foresees an adverse reaction from the market.


Krishen Iyer Connects The World With His Marketing Stategy

Krishen Iyer spent most of his childhood in Fresno, California. He attended Bullard High School and graduated in 1998. Afterwards, he attended San Diego State University where he majored and obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Public Administration. Shortly after college, Krishen got into the insurance field where he led companies to create traffic for insurance field office centers. Krishen became a specialist in advertising and marketing for insurance agencies. He has owned and sold several companies and is an expert in digital and conventional marketing.

One of Krishen’s key accomplishments is becoming an online partner for Quick Link Marketing where he uses his expertise to connect other firms in need of marketing. Probably his most notable accomplishment is turning Quick Link Marketing to his current Fresno-based company Managed Benefit Services, where he works with connecting with customers with e-commerce and other digital marketing strategies. Krishen is also a philanthropist and that he takes part in community service clean-up efforts for his local area. In a July 2017 article, Krishen Iyer sits down with Ideamensch.com to describe his road to success. Below, we will recap the article.

In the interview, Krishen states that he got the idea for Quick Link Marketing, (now known as Managed Benefits Services) due to the need of specialized marking solutions with lead generation companies which were scarce at the time. He notes that communication is key in order to bring ideas to fruition. He goes on to say that “communication is both a talent and a skill” and that entrepreneurship depends on it. One business idea for his readers that Mr. Iyer mentions in the article is technological innovation. He says that this is the key to make connections between companies looking for marketing solutions and that this idea can apply to other industries.

Lastly, Krishen shares some personal favorites as he notes that his readers should check out Stephen King’s book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” which he states gives useful help to entrepreneurs.



The Chainsmokers Don’t Stop Making Music

The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo comprised of Alex Pall and Andrew “Drew” Taggart. They are based in New York, having met through a mutual friend in 2012 and easing into an effortless chemistry immediately. Pall was looking for a new partner for his DJ duo and Adam Alpert, the current band manager who introduced the two, thought they’d be a good fit. When they were both quit their day jobs and Taggart moved from Maine to New York so the Chainsmokers could practice full time to work out their chemistry and sound.

They practiced and perfected their sound for over a year, playing their first live show in September of 2014. they opened for Timeflies at Terminal 5 in New York. Soon after they release a pair of EPs, first “Bouquet” and then “Collage”, before their first full-length album “Memories…Do Not Open” came out in 2017.

“Memories…Do Not Open” has had an unusually long run in popular music circles, still being a perennial top 5 charter on the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts. It is tied for third place for the most non-consecutive weeks at #1 with “Demon Days” by the Gorlillaz. This position may soon be Pall and Taggart’s alone as “Memories” shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The Chainsmokers released another EP after “Memories…Do Not Open” entitled “Sick Boy.” They also have an unnamed full-length album in the works to be released later in 2018 or early 2019. In between longer releases the duo of Pall and Taggart put out many singles, most of them for free on their website.

They enjoy releasing singles with no connection to other works on an album. This way they can let some songs stand on their own while saving similar themed tracks for EP or album releases. Their singles stretch the bounds of dance/electronic music as they enjoy experimenting with other genres on these stand-alone songs. They also collaborate with other DJs such as DJ Tiesto and different musicians, like singer Halsey. They like working with other musicians as it helps expose them to new recording methods.