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Sussex Healthcare focuses on taking care of the elderly and people with disabilities and mental disorders. This network of homes was founded in 1985 and currently operates over 20 homes based in the United Kingdom. Sussex is credited with offering quality nursing services to the residents.

The group allocates to each patient to ensure there is personalized care that focuses on the needs of the residents. Sussex Healthcare has incorporated modern technology in rendering its services to the residents. The doctors use sophisticated medical equipment that has dramatically improved the efficiency of Sussex Healthcare. This independent home provider has risen to be one of the best in the United Kingdom.

Most of the patients at Sussex suffer from neurological disorders and dementia. Those who have physical injuries undergo massage as directed by the physiotherapists. Sussex is dedicated to diversifying their services to cater to the needs of many residents. Nowadays, they offer dental, gym and baby care services among others. To learn more about Sussex click here.

The core purpose is to ensure the residents feel at home away from home. At Sussex Healthcare, good body health is not just the absence of sickness. Therefore, their approach is to ensure the wellness of the mind, body, and emotions of the patients.

For this reason, Sussex has incorporated luxury and entertainment activities that are meant to relax and refresh the organization as a whole. This approach has proved to be effective since most residents are active, motivated and happy.

Sussex has heavily invested in acquiring qualified and well-trained employees. This team of specialists has been instrumental in the success of Sussex Healthcare. The employees are compassionate in serving the residents especially the elderly patients.

They are also trained on how to handle those with mental disorders. They aim at ensuring that the patients are comfortable and well taken care of. The employees have established good relations with the patients. They also ensure that patients are actively involved in fun activities to be emotionally and physically fit. Sussex provides that its employees are motivated.

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Neurocore Approach that Has Made It the Best Place to Work

Neurocore employees have discovered unique career paths in Neurotherapy. It is never easy to find a fulfilling job. If you’re interested in biology, cutting-edge technologies, therapy and bringing relief as well as enhanced mental capabilities, Neurotherapy technology has opened up opportunities for you with the use of the therapy at Neurocore starts to catch on. Founded in 2004, Neurocore operates two Brain Performance Centers in Southern Florida and six centers throughout Lower Michigan.

The centers leverages neuroscience technology to provide customized solutions for people across all ages. The solutions are helping people overcome sleep, migraines, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, depression, stress, and anxiety. The Neurococre procedure is quite extensive ranging from educating the public on what it offers, making people show up at the clinics to make them experience the benefits of neurofeedback treatment.

All these processes calls for competent individuals as the company looks to improve lives. Neurocore is not another usual therapy facility. It goes beyond that to use neurotherapeutic methods to come up with solutions that treat the most medical-resistant mental conditions. It has a strong focus on customer service and it leverages experienced and competent receptionists to show clients in. It is clear that Neurocore is offering career opportunities that are not only lucrative, but also that fosters personal growth and fulfillment.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Showing Compassionate Care to People with Dementia

Doctor Shafik Sachedina owns Sussex healthcare. The main focus of the firm is to provide care for people who have dementia. The staff has been trained and knows just the right way to handle the loved ones with dementia. Dr. Sachedina has been in the health industry for 44 years now. He has gone through the needed training to become a successful surgeon. He went to Guy’s hospital medical and dental school in London where he graduated as a surgeon. He had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur which led him to start a Sussex health care.

He has a compassionate team that provides care and support services to the residents at his facility. The facility not only helps those who have dementia to maintain their physical wealth but also shows them the appropriate activities to participate in such as handicrafts, quizzes, and cookery. The facility also offers assistance to individuals who have learning disabilities. Dr. Shafik Sachedina and his team provide residents with a 24-hour service. Their services do not end at caring for people with dementia, but for those with motor neuron disease neurological care and multiple sclerosis. There is also another special team that deals with people who have a brain injury.

Dr. Sachedina is the chairman of focus humanitarian assistance international coordinating committee. He is also a member of the committees that focus on societies that have a different faith. Shafik Sachedina uses compassion to give back to the community. He helps not only people who need long-term care but also give support to the loved ones who are going through the process.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dental surgeon. He jointly owns Sussex healthcare company. The company is dedicated to providing quality support service in Sussex county South England. He was born in Daresaalam Tanzania, but his family moved to England, where he now lives and held many top-level positions in several healthcare firms. He holds two board roles and also has an advisory role in Sussex healthcare facility. He is also one of the boards of governor at Institute of Ismaili Studies.

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InnovaCare Health’s Management Team

Managed care is an ever-changing environment. Managed care companies always need to be on their toes and aware of the next big developments and innovations in order to properly provide their patients with value-based and quality care. Without a strong executive team, managed care companies like InnovaCare would not be able to work with their plans, patients, and physicians to help get their customers the best and most affordable care that they can offer. Luckily for InnovaCare Health, Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkindes are working hard to make things happen.

Richard Shinto graduated from the University of New York Stony Brook Medical School before finding his start in medicine in Southern California. Shinto worked hard to make it into several different companies that helped with managed healthcare, finally working his way into the executive team of Aveta, Inc. For over 20 years, Shinto has worked in managed health, building up his list of contacts and a wealth of knowledge that continues to serve him to this day. After several years as the CEO of Aveta, Inc. Shinto moved over to InnovaCare where he has been the Chief Executive Officer ever since.

Penelope Kokkindes made the move from Aveta along with Shinto. She started her career by earning her social work degree from New York University and a Masters in Public Health from Columbia. She served as the Vice President of a division of United Health Group for several years before moving over into the Chief Operating Officer position of Aveta, Inc. After several years, she switched roles along with Shinto into the COO position at InnovaCare Health.

The business that InnovaCare Health does is directly suited to the management styles of these two individuals. With a combined 40 years of experience in healthcare, both of these individuals know exactly how to work with plan managers, Medicare, Medicaid, and the many other stakeholders that have a say in the business to get their patients the best care for them. Shinto implemented the three pillars of culture, leadership, and governance in the Company and made it part of the Company’s mission to follow these three pillars. With these pillars, Shinto explains that they are able to work in any diverse market and build a structure that optimizes their results no matter what the location or economic status of that area.

Shinto has won several awards for his work in medicine, including earning the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, as well as being named Modern Healthcare’s top 25 Minority Executive. With Kokkinides at his side, great things are to come for InnovaCare Health.

Dr. Rick Shinto Has Been The Driving Force Behind The Rapid Growth And Success Of The Managed Healthcare Service Provider, InnovaCare Health

Dr. Rick Shinto, M.D., is a well-known personality in the Healthcare industry. Throughout his life, he has been engaged in this field with the purpose of providing patients utmost care and financial benefits through customized medical plans. He is the current Chairman and CEO of InnovaCare, a managed healthcare services provider committed to the improvement in the current healthcare industry by providing subsidized medical plans that cover a long list of illnesses. They implement this with the help of over 7,500 providers and currently has a customer base of 200,000 people.


For decades patients and elderly people have struggled to cope with the ever-increasing price of medical plans. InnovaCare makes the difference and mostly operates from Puerto Rico. Apart from providing patient care, they also provide them with moral assistance.


For twenty long years, he has fought the system and has been very successful at it. He earned his medical degree from the New York University and later did his MBA from the University of Redlands. He has worked in different firm playing diverse roles. Before founding InnovaCare Health he was the CEO of Aveta Inc. for three years. He has received many awards and accolades throughout his career and the last one being the Entrepreneur of The Year presented by the financial giant, Ernst & Young. For more info you can visit


The company made three new additions to the leadership. They are Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino. All of the bring vast experience from their respective domains and are determined to steer the company towards a better future.


Starting with Penelope Kokkinides, she has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer in the managed healthcare company. She is working in the healthcare industry for 15 years. With an experience of working with medical plans such as Medicaid and Medicare, she held top positions at different firms, the last one being Aveta Inc. you can checkout for more.


Jonathan Meyers has been appointed as the Chief Actuarial Officer. He was the Director of Actuarial Services for Horizon BCBS that focused on Medicaid and Medicare. He is known for devising affordable healthcare plans for the benefit of the members of employee unions.

Lastly, Mike Sortino will be serving as the Chief Accounting Officer at InnovaCare. With an experience of twenty years in the finance sector, he played different roles and worked as the Controller of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Company Limited before he joined InnovCare. In the initial days of his career, he worked for 5 years in the public accounting division of HCC Specialty.