CLassDojo Moves Beyond School

The ClassDojo app has been a major part of the evolution of the U.S. public school system with the free communication platform having a great effect on the lives of educators, students, and their families. Building a positive school community has allowed families to become more involved in the work of their children and become more powerful in remaining in contact with the needs of the individual student and the classroom as a whole. Families believe in the ClassDojo app to such an extent they have convinced the developers to establish “Beyond School”, a new app dedicated to families looking to create a successful after-school communication platform.

The “Beyond School” app is focused solely on the busy schedules of children and families when they are outside the school community. Much like the at-school app, ClassDojo “Beyond School” affects ground up change within the family community by allowing parents to provide points for the development of their child’s character. Points are awarded in a similar way to those delivered for the at-school app which has proven a success for students and educators throughout the life of the ClassDojo app.

One of the aspects of ClassDojo which has proven an issue for children has been the lack of ability to create their own monster avatar. ClassDojo “Beyond School” has developed a dedicated monster creation tool allowing children the ability to personalize their avatar for a greater sense of individuality.

The “Beyond School” app is a paid-for app but the developers of ClassDojo have pledged to return the profits of the latest development to fund the continued improvements of the school-based app. Families around the world will have the opportunity to enjoy the classic ClassDojo app as it is rolled out into new global communities.