End Citizens United Endorses Gary Trauner In 2018 Elections

End Citizens United is a grassroots activism group that was established in 2015. This group utilizes fundraising to help endorse political figures that would otherwise not be so popularly known.

One goal of End Citizens United is to remove big money donations from large businesses and corporations. These hefty donations can sometimes sway an election. They were able to raise more than $7.5 million during the 2016 election cycle and have set a high standard in hopes to raise $35 million for the 2018 election cycle.

During the 2018 elections End Citizens United endorsed Wyoming’s Gary Trauner for a United States Senate seat. Gary Trauner openly rejected all corporate donation money that he could have used for his 2018 political champagne. Voters are tired of how big money is finding its way into political elections and giving certain candidates power over others. For the twelve years of Gary’s political career he has been a opponent of corporate money in elections and End Citizens United is eager to help him with fundraising and donations throughout his 2018 champagne trail. Gary Trauner is just one of the many politicians that End Citizens United has helped since their founding.

End Citizens United became a 501C (4) non-profit organization in 2014 but existed for many years prior to this. In 1988 Floyd Brown officially formed End Citizens United with the goal to keep large corporate donations out of elections. David Bossie is the current president and CEO of ECU. End Citizens United is corporate headquartered in Washington D.C. and are a pro-corporate advocacy non-profit group. End Citizens United may work out of Washington D.C. but they help political figures from states and cities all over the United States. They are also popularly known for winning a supreme course case in 2010 that prohibited corporations and unions for donating to federal elections.