Betsy DeVos Is Working Hard To Support The Educational Needs Of Low-Income American Families

In 2015, Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, made a startling donation of more than $3 million to various educational nonprofits and causes. While people who disagree with her view of the American educational system continue to try to find ways of making her look bad, she has managed to make huge strides in changing the minds of the masses. DeVos has always been a pioneer in her field, and she has never backed down or given up on making positive change in the school system of the U.S. It is her hope that one day every young American student will be able to attend a school that their family deems worthy.


While she has many reasons for wanting to support low-income families in the nation, one incident stands out in her mind. Many years ago, she paid a visit to Potter’s House Christian School with her husband, Dick. The school has been serving poor families in Grand Rapids, Michigan for more than three decades. During her visit, she met many parents who were making huge financial sacrifices in order to pay for the costs of the school. The school provided and continues to provide a safe learning environment for younger students, and it pained DeVos to see so many families struggling to make ends meet to be able to send their kids there.


After witnessing this, Betsy DeVos decided to do something about it. It bothered her that she was able to send her kids to a quality school like Potter’s House Christian School while other families couldn’t. She started to help out by paying the tuition fees for some of the students and has continued to support the school through large donations. In 2015, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation donated $301,000 to the school.


Instead of stopping there, Betsy DeVos took it upon herself to team up with the American Education Reform Council and Children First America by serving on their boards. These two organizations were fighting to help students in America by getting tax credit and voucher legislation passed. Some years later, she created the Great Lakes Education Project, which focused on supporting the growth of charter schools in Michigan.


Today, Betsy DeVos continues to fight for what she believes in. She has supported politicians in many states who are proponents of programs that will help Americans who can’t afford to pay the costs of private or charter schools. She is hoping that more states will follow the lead of Florida, which has passed legislation that is supporting over 50,000 students. She has commented that the sunshine state is leading the way and hopes that more states will soon pass legislation that helps to support the families who need it the most.


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