The History Of Richard Liu And

One of the richest and most powerful businessman in China is Richard Liu. He has made himself a fortune off his e-commerce business called Richard Liu does not just have his business just based in China but he himself was born and raised in China in a town called Suqian. is the largest e-commerce platform in China. Richard Liu is also a college graduate he attended the People’s University of China and he graduated with a degree in sociology. Richard Liu has a net worth of around 12 billion US dollars. An impressive thing about Richard Liu is that although he attended College he still self educated himself on the computer coding and computer science.

Richard Liu did an interview on www. reform. org called An Insight, An Idea and he was asked by the host what made so effective in the e-commerce market space. Richard Liu replied by basically saying that in 1998 when he got into the e-commerce business other companies were around but the e-commerce market was not organized at that time and people were selling a lot of fake or bad product. Richard Liu decided he wanted his company to operate differently by doing good business. He did not want to cheat the public, sell their products, or promote anything under false pretense. Richard Liu also wanted the customers to receive their products as quickly as possible.

When first got started they did not offer a variety of products because of the limited budget but each year the company expanded and added new products. Richard Liu stated that it took the company six years from when it first started its platform to get to the level that it is today. is currently worth 60 billion US dollars and the company employs 167,000 people. Richard Liu also talks about how in order to be the top e-commerce business in the world they will have to consistently be making improvements in technology and logistics. The overall goal for Richard Liu and is for the company to be the number one e-commerce business in the world.

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