Ara Chackerian a Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco, California Based businessman, and philanthropist. Chackerian area of interest is in the business world is in the healthcare industry. Chackerian has decades of experience in building healthcare companies that utilize technology in delivering services to patients. Chackerian as an angel investor focuses his investments on potential healthcare startups that are dedicated to helping reinvent the healthcare system in the US.

Ara Chackerian as an early stage healthcare company investor has helped established numerous healthcare companies and among them is the pipelineRX that is considered as a national provider of Telepharmacy services. Other healthcare company that he has co-founded includes BMC Diagnostics a renowned imaging services provider in the US. TMS Health Solutions is also another company that Chackerian Co-founded and became a board member in 2015. TMS is a leading provider of mental health and focuses on depressed patients who are resistant to conventional treatment methods.

Ara Chackerian besides being actively involved in the world of business is a philanthropist who is committed to helping members of the community. Chackerian at the society is mainly interested in championing for environmental friendly causes and sponsoring youth development activities. Chackerian as an environmentalist focuses on sustainable farming and as a result, runs a Limonopa teak farm in Nicaragua. Chackerian chose the Limonopa teak because of its benefits to the environment. Besides its environmental conservation advantages the Limonopa teak generates income not only for Chackerian but also to the youth that he has employed in the farm.

Ara Chackerian during his free time loves writing on his medium account on current issues and trends in the healthcare industry. Chackerian in one of his latest blogs advises investors to invest in the healthcare sector since they will be assured on returns on investments. Chackerian advises investors to invest in three healthcare companies that have consistently yielded high returns. The companies are Welltower, Abbvie, and Pfizer.

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