Eric Lefkofsky Is An Entrepreneur Of The Future Who Helps To Take Care Of The World Today

Eric Lefkofsky is the chief executive officer and founder of Tempus, which is a tech company that focuses on combating cancer through modern technology. He is the kind of man that works to be able to have more to help others with. His generous nature motivated him to join his wife, Liz, in 2006 to put together the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The charitable organization focuses its efforts on improving the state of health care, arts and culture, basic human rights, and the educational sector. On the foundation’s website, the couple have clearly stated that part of their mission is to fund research to help eradicate cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is a modern day entrepreneur who engages with others on social media platforms. One of his favorite platforms is Twitter, and he shares lots of news about the happenings going on at Tempus there. He recently sent a Tweet out that welcomed new members of the team to his company as Tempus opened up an office in New York City. He Tweets out lots of relevant information related to what Tempus is doing and also shares his opinions on why collecting real world data is one of the keys to the future of medicine.

Eric Lefkofsky is always trying to help out other entrepreneurs and businesspeople from around the world and Chicago. He has served as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago, where he has helped to enlighten the minds of many individuals who hope to serve in the business sector. He also wrote the book Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation, which highlights the many ways that entrepreneurs can succeed in today’s crowded business industries. He has extolled the virtues of technology and how entrepreneurs today can overtake large companies by providing people with something better.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University of Michigan and continued his education at the University of Michigan Law School, where he received his Juris Doctor. He has consistently been an ally to the city of Chicago and has served on a number of boards that work to improve the city’s cultural and artistic offerings.

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Neurocore Approach that Has Made It the Best Place to Work

Neurocore employees have discovered unique career paths in Neurotherapy. It is never easy to find a fulfilling job. If you’re interested in biology, cutting-edge technologies, therapy and bringing relief as well as enhanced mental capabilities, Neurotherapy technology has opened up opportunities for you with the use of the therapy at Neurocore starts to catch on. Founded in 2004, Neurocore operates two Brain Performance Centers in Southern Florida and six centers throughout Lower Michigan.

The centers leverages neuroscience technology to provide customized solutions for people across all ages. The solutions are helping people overcome sleep, migraines, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, depression, stress, and anxiety. The Neurococre procedure is quite extensive ranging from educating the public on what it offers, making people show up at the clinics to make them experience the benefits of neurofeedback treatment.

All these processes calls for competent individuals as the company looks to improve lives. Neurocore is not another usual therapy facility. It goes beyond that to use neurotherapeutic methods to come up with solutions that treat the most medical-resistant mental conditions. It has a strong focus on customer service and it leverages experienced and competent receptionists to show clients in. It is clear that Neurocore is offering career opportunities that are not only lucrative, but also that fosters personal growth and fulfillment.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, the Patients Choice

Dr . Ira Kirschenbaum pursued his medical degree in 1979 at the Brown University then later completed his residency and graduated at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as an orthopedic surgeon then afterwards did reconstructive surgery training from Thomas Jefferson University. Dr . Kirschenbaum has specialized in joint and bone issues with key focus being on shoulder, knee and hip replacement and a member of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Dr. Kirschenbaum won the Patients choice award for impacting the lives of his patients as voted by the patients.

In an interview done to Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum by IdeaMensch, he reveals that, the idea of coming up with his company was his role in developing a website well known as BoneHone to life which was a mastermind of Medscape Orthopedics. To make him productive as an entrepreneur, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum focus is reaching surgeons and doctors in his department frequently and attending focus meetings with key management. Book an appointment with Dr. Ira here.

Dr . Kirschenbaum secrets of bringing ideas is first coming up with an idea then investigating the best method to make it happen/executing then developing a distribution plan. He also emphasizes on sharing ideas with the people who strongly believes it will make an impact. His favorite trend is value-based Healthcare whose idea is that the value of healthcare is based on patient outcome related to the analysis of real cost. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum advice to the young generation is that “always realize that there is someone out there doing what you want to do, but doing it better. Best thing is finding that person and learn from them”.

Dr . Kirschenbaum favorite book is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell which talks about the science of rapid decision making. His favorite quote is “Don’t regret where you have been if you like where you are.” See the doctor’s publications here

Wes Edens Is Leading Fortress Investment Group Into The Future

In the worlds of entrepreneurship, business, and investing, Wes Edens has become a big name in the United States. He is known as one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group as well as being a leader in business. As the owner for the Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team that is part of the NBA, and other sports-related ventures, he is also becoming a big name in athletics as well. He has impacted many people with his philanthropical efforts that are considered by some to be just as impressive as the accomplishments that he has made in the business world.

When it comes to investing, Wes Edens is known as one of the most creative and knowledgeable investors throughout the world. He managed to help the company grow from the boutique equity firm that it was founded as in 1998 to an alternative asset manager with more than $42 billion under its control globally. Some of the companies that have been acquired by Fortress Investment Group under the leadership of Wes Edens have made some major changes that have helped to transform their respective industries. Some of these industries include health care, media, real estate, and financial services. Read this article about Wes Edens at Wall Street Journal

One of the large investments that Wes Edens has been a part of through Fortress Investment Group is the purchase of Brightline, a passenger rail company. Brightline recently became a partner of the Virgin Group which led to them being rebranded as “Virgin Trains USA“. The company runs the first inner-city passenger train system that is completely privately funded as well as operated for the last 100 years. While many people may see trains as a thing of the past, the company formerly known a Brightline is showing that it has the potential to be the preferred transportation method of the future.

New Fortress Energy was created under the leadership of Wes Edens. They are working to provide solutions for infrastructure that will create clean energy that is reliable and better for the environment than other energy. The company built the first production facility for liquid natural gas in all of Florida.

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Ara Chackerian a Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is a San Francisco, California Based businessman, and philanthropist. Chackerian area of interest is in the business world is in the healthcare industry. Chackerian has decades of experience in building healthcare companies that utilize technology in delivering services to patients. Chackerian as an angel investor focuses his investments on potential healthcare startups that are dedicated to helping reinvent the healthcare system in the US.

Ara Chackerian as an early stage healthcare company investor has helped established numerous healthcare companies and among them is the pipelineRX that is considered as a national provider of Telepharmacy services. Other healthcare company that he has co-founded includes BMC Diagnostics a renowned imaging services provider in the US. TMS Health Solutions is also another company that Chackerian Co-founded and became a board member in 2015. TMS is a leading provider of mental health and focuses on depressed patients who are resistant to conventional treatment methods.

Ara Chackerian besides being actively involved in the world of business is a philanthropist who is committed to helping members of the community. Chackerian at the society is mainly interested in championing for environmental friendly causes and sponsoring youth development activities. Chackerian as an environmentalist focuses on sustainable farming and as a result, runs a Limonopa teak farm in Nicaragua. Chackerian chose the Limonopa teak because of its benefits to the environment. Besides its environmental conservation advantages the Limonopa teak generates income not only for Chackerian but also to the youth that he has employed in the farm.

Ara Chackerian during his free time loves writing on his medium account on current issues and trends in the healthcare industry. Chackerian in one of his latest blogs advises investors to invest in the healthcare sector since they will be assured on returns on investments. Chackerian advises investors to invest in three healthcare companies that have consistently yielded high returns. The companies are Welltower, Abbvie, and Pfizer.

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Generating Business Ideas That Will Have A Long Lasting Effect On People

The CEO of MergerTech Nitin Khanna uses his business shrewdness to help companies to capitalise on the outcome by finding an economic strategy that enables them to stay ahead of the competition. The experience Nitin acquired while working at Saber Corp helped him start his company that provides M&A advice to his clients. Nitin Khanna is a man of many passions, his love for wines lead him to create his world-class wines such as Oregon Pinot Noir and Four Handle. He also produced the movies “What Lies Upstream” and “Terms and Conditions May Apply” as he is a movie lover. See Nitin’s success story here

The idea of creating a business and the dynamics of attaining the economic outcome

Nitin Khanna says that the idea of starting his company came to him when he thought about the revenue that streams from selling a company at a high price just like Saber Corp. as a CEO his typical day involves meeting people and being informed of the daily aspects of his business. He believes in naturing ideas that lead to longterm stability for the industry, and this starts with being planning his day well. He notes that social media is a tool that companies would use to their business outcomes.

Creating value by meeting the needs of consumers

Nitin Khanna believes that there is nothing like work-life balance as success is not attained only at working hours but the integration of all your time. Planning things ahead of time as an entrepreneur helps you to be more productivity. When you can create buzz through word of mouth your business will grow, that involves generating ideas that people will talk about. The main thing is meeting the needs of your clients by listening to them. Nitin says that the book ‘The Theory of Investment Value’ has helped him grow as a businessman. He says that you do not have to count your drawbacks as failures as a businessman, but you should treat them as lessons.

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A Brighter Future Ahead for Herbalife Nutrition


Herbalife Nutrition manufactures products that can help people become fit and healthy. The company creates products from high-quality ingredients, and they are marketing their products to those who are trying to reach their wellness goals. Since the beginning, Herbalife Nutrition has been focusing on their commitment to innovate the food industry, and they are capable of introducing new products by engaging in research. The company’s efforts have been paying off, as their products reached an all-time high demand in recent years. The company’s most popular products include protein supplements and meal replacement products that are low in calorie and high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Formula 1, their number brand, is being sold around the world. The company created more than 20 flavors for the brand, and the taste depends on the culture of the market they are operating in.

Herbalife Nutrition would never be successful without the people working on the background. The management hired the best people in the field of Nutrition Science to act as the guides in making the best products to be marketed to the public. The company is also working with farmers in the United States, Mexico, and China to get the finest supplies of soybeans, aloe, and tea. The company is also implementing a 14 step seed-to-feed program which will help strengthen their partnership with the farmers and the agriculturists that they have been working with. The company is also hiring people who have Ph.D. degrees, using their knowledge in the food industry to help the company create new innovative products.

Herbalife has a lot of plans for 2019, and they are ready to face the year with positivity. In the past, the company invested millions of dollars for new facilities, and they hired thousands to facilitate their plants in North America and in Asia. The company also stated that they will strengthen their industry capability and will continue to prove quality certification organizations that they deserve being recognized. Herbalife Nutrition is also working on their expansion all over the world. Their warehouses could create hundreds of thousands of products a day and it would make them more visible in the market. This year, the company is planning to partner with more individuals to expand their global operations. They will also open new production facilities to assist them with their production goals.

Because of the changes implemented within the company, Herbalife is experiencing a rise in their stock value, with more investors buying shares from the company because of its 68.7% recent surge. The company’s plan to invest in more than 50 countries this year has initiated the growth that they are experiencing for the past few months, much to the delight of the investors who have trusted in them.


TA look into the early life of Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of, the largest e-commerce company in China. As of early 2018, the company was estimated to be worth over $12 billion. Liu is a business genius going by his success story. He is a self-made billionaire who utilized innovative ideas to build a successful venture that currently attracts over 100 million active customers today. The company is using cutting edge technology to come up with new innovative solutions that fit into the current global economic environment.


Liu was born in Jiangsu province of China. He was born in a humble family, typical of many families in the region at the time. His family was running a small coal shipping business. In his early life, his parents taught him the importance of hard work and education. Through primary, secondary and tertiary education, Richard Liu was committed to hard work. He enrolled in a sociology program at the People’s University of China and graduated with a bachelors. He spent most of his time boosting his knowledge in his chosen major, at some point he realized that there was importance in widening his scope of knowledge so that he could fit into many employment opportunities. He taught himself computer programming and other computer science related disciplines.

Employment and entrepreneurship

After graduating from the university, Liu got a job with Japan Life, a natural supplement provider in China. Due to his understanding of computers, he was promoted to the position of Director of Computers. In 1998, Liu left Japan Life to start his own business. He rented a small rental space and created his first computer accessories store. Besides the products he sold, Liu emphasized on great customer care service, utilization of technology in meeting the businesses goals and providing easy means of transaction. Although there were other businesses doing internet business, Liu was ready to set himself apart from the rest by selling genuine products at the right price. At the time, internet business had a bad reputation for engaging in the sale of fake products and price cheating. Richard Liu recognized this as a great opportunity that he could tap into. It is then that he started in 2004.


Paul Mampilly received his MBA from Fordham University in New York in 1996. He worked at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor and as the founder of the firm’s newsletter that helped in guiding people with interestinto stocks that were primed to go higher. Mr. Mampilly had also managed two trading services and also wrote weekly articles for the firm’s newsletter. Paul Mampilly had in 2016 joined the firm and specialized in helping Street Americans to get wealth in investing and in technology including cap stocks. He was an Editor at Stanberry Research for the whole of 2015. Before that, Mr. Mampilly served as the Co-Portfolio Manager and as a Member of the Portfolio Management Team at Kinetics Asset Management. He had founded The Capuchin Group, where he once served from 2003 to 2006 as an author, editor and as publisher for the firm. He served at the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, and a private Swiss bank in the past as a Money Manager. Before that, he had rose to positions of managing multimillion dollar accounts at Deutsche Bank. Mr. Mampilly had also worked as an Analyst at Deutsche Asset Management.

Paul Mampilly started his career in 1991 as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at Bankers Trust. Mr. Mampilly was a Wall Street insider, American investor and also the hedge fund manager with several years of experience in the investment world. Paul Mampilly had clients included European aristocracy, the Templeton Foundation, Swiss private banks and Fortune 500 other companies. Paul Mampilly being a long term investor, he had keen interest in the stock market, and was a master at identifying small companies with innovative business models and products. He have shared a lot of his knowledge with thousands of people as a Hedge-Fund Consultant and Financial Advisory Editor. He retired at the age of 42 and currently he have featured on several TV shows including; Fox Business News, Hedge Fund Intelligence, Reuters and on Fox News. In 2008 to 2009 Templeton Foundation Investment Competition he won by getting first place settling for $50 million portfolio. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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“The New Device That Will Heal Pelvic-Floor Disorders “

Marc Beer is one person that has the energy, skills, knowledge, and wisdom that surpasses many. With more than two decades in the world, Marc has moved with ease at his line work. He has worked in other pharmaceuticals industries over the years before co-founding Renovia care alongside Ramon Iglesias, Yolanda Lorie pharmaceuticals and MD. Some of the companies that he has worked for are ViaCell, Genzyme among many other others, where he held top positions. He has also served in the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Companies Section Governing which was under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Renovia care is a med-tech company that is based in Boston city. The company prouds itself in the development of medical equipment that is of very high value. These items range from biotechnology devices, pharmaceuticals, devices, and diagnostics devices.


Recently, Renovia healthcare started developing equipment that will be of great help to women. These products will majorly be for treating the pelvic floor disorders like the urinary incontinence. Such disorders make women worldwide to lose their self-confidence as they live in constant pain and low self-esteem. The company’s first pilot product had a great reception at Boston.


The pilot product, Leva, saw many firms partner with Renovia to bring its vision into a reality. One of the firms was Longwood Fund which invests in other health-care firms. The funds led to the development of four more products which would aid in therapy. Besides that, there was the development of Leva, which was the pilot product, into a better device.


Marc Beer said that the partnership and the funds produced would give the customers more information about the treatments offered at Renovia care. He further noted that the customers would have more options when it came to treatment, as they would choose a service that served them best. This devices and products would sensitize people about pelvic-floor disorders.


This project has made Marc Beer know more truth about pelvic disorder. The device has gone further and has enabled him to have a better understanding of pelvic disorder patients prompting him to create another standard of care for them. Marc Beer’s advice that for one to be productive, they should run to manage their resources well. They should learn to allocate their capitals where they are designated. To focus on the goal that one has in mind is another crucial thing that Marc advice on as this ensures that one does not waiver from the prime objective. His advice to entrepreneurs is never to stop until they get what they sort to do. By so doing, they will have made a better place not just in their locality but in the whole world. Learn more: