Lincolnshire Management Continues To Make Profits With Its Latest Sale

Making the correct decisions about when it is time to buy and sell a company or share is one of the most difficult aspects of investing. However, the Lincolnshire Management group has recently been putting on a masterclass in selling an investment at just the right time. In 2017, Lincolnshire Management made the decision to sell its share in the Italy-based food wrapping and equipment company, the Fabbri Group. See more.

Lincolnshire Management has built a strong history around its ability to choose just the right time to buy and sell its investments in the low to middle markets. The company was established in 1986 by Steven Jay Kumble and Frank C. Wright Jr. as a way of sourcing and investing in middle market brands who were struggling to grow or find the perfect home in any sector. The criteria for investing in a brand has remained largely the same throughout the life of Lincolnshire Management and include the need for a strong management team and the potential for growth.

The history of the Fabbri Group was obviously one of the main attractions for Lincolnshire Management which dates back to 1950. Under the short tenure of Lincolnshire Management and their partners, Stella Group and ICI, the Fabbri Group saw a large amount of expansion into new geographical areas of the world. Among the areas, the group expanded into was North America and Russia which had always proven difficult areas for the food wrapping and sealing equipment producer to gain a foothold in.

The sale of the brand to Argos Soditic has been undertaken after the Fabbri Group completed a much-needed turnaround of fortunes with the aid of Lincolnshire Management. Following the purchase of the Vignola, Italy-based brand in 2014, the investment company has been pleased to see the profit margins and growth of the brand expand until a new buyer was attracted.

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