Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Offers Sincere Apology and Actions to Get the Company Back on It’s Feet

In early July 2018, Papa John’s new Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ritchie, decided to make a step in the right direction and send out an email to the pizza chain’s loyal customers. This letter is filled with empathy and a little bit of vulnerability. In the letter, he notes that the this had been a rough week for him because he knows that his customers were hurt. Given the pain, he tells the customers that he is sorry and this is not what Papa John’s stands for, ever. In doing so, he distances himself and the company from the misgivings that had recently happened.

Another thing Mr. Ritchie wanted his customers to know is that the pizza company is a chain with franchises. This means that many of the stores are owned by people who live in the community. These people come in every size, shape, and color. They are neighbors of their customers.

Wanting to do more than write words though, CEO Steve Ritchie gives his customers a specific plan of action that includes bringing experts to audit the company’s culture- both their strengths and their weaknesses. From there, the company intends to make adjustments as needed. Even better, they are not leaving this at the corporate office but taking these ideas on the road and combining this with the feedback they get from the franchise owners, their customers, and their employees. The company plans to be transparent with their customers the entire step of the way. Personally leading the effort is Ritchie. He has given his word that he will be the one to follow through and bring Papa John’s to the best it can be.

The pizza company is known for their fresh ingredients and making a step in the right direction will surely help them out because we know there are other options.

Find out more about Steve Ritchie:’s_Pizza


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