Betsy Devos Teams Up With Pit Bull For Education Reform

Betsy Devos recently traveled down to the city of Miami to meet with a famous rapper. The rap star in question, Pit Bull, is rather infamous for his misogynistic lyrics. Betsy Devos deflected questions from the media when asked about the rapper’s rather aggressive songs.


She was in Florida to visit a charter school that has been funded by the rap artist. She toured the school, talked with the children and shook hands with the teachers. She did this all by Pit Bull’s side, and plenty of photographers took pictures.


It’s a rather shrewd and politically calculated move by the Secretary of Education Betsy Devos. She believes in charter schools because the Trump official is trying to fundamentally change the education system in the United States. She wants to bring open market innovation to America’s schools with a voucher system.


A child’s main residence currently dictates schooling. The residence is identified by its school district which dictates which public school the child attends. The parents of the child can alternatively choose to pay for private education at a private institute nearby. These are the two options currently afforded to the vast majority of families across the country.


Betsy Devos wants to introduce more choice into the system. She wants the federal government to issue vouchers to each family. These vouchers can then be used towards educational choice. The family can choose to put the voucher towards the public school in their district, a public school outside of their district or any private institution they choose.


Opponents of the system say that it will take money away from public schools, but Betsy Devos argues that those schools would need to improve or perish. The competition, she portends, would improve the quality of education across the country. It would also allow families to use government money to send their children to religious schools.


And that’s why she’s down in Florida with Pit Bull. She is trying to publicly gain favor for her vision for the country’s education system. Pit Bull is an incredibly popular figure in South Florida, so she’s trying to align with his celebrity. After all, it’s going to be up to the voters to implement her voucher system.


Moves like this make the secretary a cunning politician. It seems she’s working hard to stay quiet on the national level while working at the local level to implement her vision.


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