Brazilian Auto Entrepreneur Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a Brazilian entrepreneur in the auto industry. He has founded and built a large conglomerate auto manufacturing company in the nation. Over the course of its existence, the company has established itself as the most successful auto manufacturing entity in Brazil. Before the company was transformed into an auto manufacturer, Carlos’ company CAOA was an auto dealership. During the 1980’s and up until 2007, it sold a few top brand vehicles. The auto dealership sold Ford, Subaru and Hyundai vehicles to the Brazilian market. With its high level of success, Carlos decided to grow the business and make it into a manufacturing company of Hyundai vehicles.

His business first began at the end of the 1970’s in 1979 when he acquired a Ford dealership. Andrade was a former physician who was looking to buy a new Ford Landau. However, the dealership was bankrupt and unable to sell him the car. As a result, Carlos offered to take over the dealership in return for not receiving the vehicle. The former ownership of the dealership gave him the business and he began running it. Within a few years, Carlos made the dealership into the most successful and profitable Ford dealership in Northeastern Brazil. This would allow him to expand the business.

During the 1990’s Carlos continued to operate the Ford dealership and sell a lot of vehicles. By the end of the 90’s, his dealership began selling vehicles made by Subaru and Hyundai. These dealerships would also be among the most successful in all of Brazil. Andrade’s auto dealerships became the top selling auto establishments in Brazil within a short period of time. This high level of success would enable Carlos to take his company to the next level.

In 2007, Carlos invested $600 million to acquire a manufacturing facility. He would begin manufacturing Hyundai vehicles. This would help establish the business as the leading auto manufacturer in Brazil for Hyundai vehicles. For his efforts in building the business, Carlos would go on to win major awards in recognition for his success. During his career, Carlos won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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