Lincolnshire Management: Great Investment Firm

Lincolnshire Management is an independent equity firm located in New York City; It deals with financing and procurement in intermediary market companies among many industries. In 2010, independent equity bank ranked the management a top ten and in 2011 it was rated the 5th best firm.


The firm has accomplished more than 50 ventures and accessed almost $1.7 billion since its outset over four independent equity funds. The most recognized firm is Ridell, Sports, American Coach Lines and Prince. In 2009, the management financed on Wabash national corporation, a producer of flat-bed trailers.


In 2016, the management announced the sale of N.V (National Pen TO Cimpress). Cimpress acquired 100% of the equity interest. Located in San Diego, California, a leading marketer of fashion writing objects. This deal was a very lucrative investment for the management.


In 2017, Lincolnshire Management sold the Fabbri Group to Argos Soditic which administer cover machines, films and similar parts of the food packaging zone. They did not veil the terms for acquisition. Located in Vignola, Italy with manufacturing ease in Switzerland and with the offices located around the world. The investment in the Fabbri was successful since the management established a link with the rest of the investor group.


In 2018, Lincolnshire Management disclosed the sale of North American port terminal, the IMPORTS to a class of lenders led by IstarAGF Management; they did not announce the designation of private sales. The port provides clients with smooth operational services including cars refining, rail packing and unpacking, checkup, accessory furnishing, and clients services. The company has fostered valuable refining skill and increasing quality of service resulting in firm link with many worldwide manufacturers including Volkswagen, Mazda, and Honda. The management owned the port in 2014 and worked closely to increase the land and have the secured link with the customers.


In 2018, Lincolnshire Management increased its money on the auction of Holley Performance to the associate independent equity firm. New York news release announced that Holley Perfomance Product Inc. would work closely with valise business Driven Performance Brands, They unveiled terms of the accretion were. Holley markets fuel, engine tuning, ignition products, and exhaust systems, which will aid the Lincolnshire Management.

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