Todd Levine, Lawyer and Litigator

Todd Levine is an attorney and litigator for Kluger Kaplan in Miami. He deals primarily with commercial real-estate deals, as well as efforts in litigation. Todd Levine has represented brokers, developers, and property managers. He has also represented buyers, sellers, and lending firms. There are often disagreements when dealing with commercial real estate properties. Levine has accepted cases for industry of sports and entertainment. Along with real-estate litigation, he has dealt with financial litigation.


Levine attended the University of Florida during 1988. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Following this, he began his study of law at Florida Levin Law and graduated during 1991 with honors. Levine has been recognized by multiple groups as a result of his skills in litigation. Media publications such as Super Lawyers Business Edition and Florida Trend Magazine have included him in their editions.


During a recent interview with the popular media site “Ideamensch,” Todd Levine speaks about where the initial idea for his career came from. Levine stated that his skills as a litigator come from his ability to simply difficult situations. He is able to take an intricate situation and simply it so the jury and courtroom can understand the basis of the issue.


During a typical day with the attorney, his schedule and breakdown differ depending upon the specific day. From attending the meeting to attending depositions, his days are busy and filled with a range of topics. Levine always looks ahead to plan his litigations and ensures he stays on top of all topics relating to his clientele. He then organizes a to-do list for himself to aid in the organization of his business. Todd Levine tries to use his time as a lawyer as diligently as he can for benefit of his clients and their cases.


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