Nick Vertucci and Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci has gone through a lot in life to become the successful person he is at the moment. He lost everything after working so hard to build his wealth. However, Nick says that making the right decisions after one hits the lowest levels ever regarding business or other areas of life is very important. A company collapsing or losing a company through any means is a normal thing in the business world; hence, it is essential to understand what one needs to do to get back on their feet. Nick’s business is a story that can encourage one that everything is attainable as long as one has a passion for it.

Nick Vertucci produced his Seven Figure Decisions book after he lost it all and decided that he had to bounce back almost immediately. The seven Figure Decisions describes a fundamental framework on how one can rise through the levels to become a millionaire. Nick encourages others that one has to overcome their fears to become successful. In addition to this, through his story, individuals can change their focus in life and go for bigger things in their lives as well as business.

Nick Vertucci started by investing in a real estate company. He was working with a partner from the time he came up with his real estate business. The business picked immediately, and the two started making a lot of profits. While looking more ways of doing business, Nick met a guy who owned a real estate learning institution. After talking to him, Nick and his partner started teaching at the institution. The two were able to teach as well as sell their property to the students including new investors. This created more revenue for Nick Vertucci’s company that was running in Orange.

All these time that Nick and his partner were teaching at the training company, the partner did not get close with the owner of the premise. It was something that disturbed Nick Vertucci, and he wished that it will come a day for these two great friends of his to get along with each other. It did not take long before Nick started to see his friends getting close. He was happy that eventually, the two could work together as happy partners. Unfortunately, their closeness had a hidden agenda. The two were teaming up against the Nick with plans of throwing him out of business. Within no time, Nick was out of the company he had built for so many years as well as his close friends.Find out more about Nick Vertucci:

How OSI Food Solutions Refurbished The Toledo Chicken Products Facility

OSI Food Solutions Spain recently spent £17 million in it’s existing Toledo plant by adding high capacity chicken products unit which has doubled the production from twelve thousand tons to twenty-four thousand tons per year. The company’s Managing Director, José María del Río said that the rising demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal triggered the process, which ended at the beginning of this year.

He added that the demand for chicken products rose by more than an average of 8% annually since 2015 only and by over 6% annually for the last ten years. He was optimistic that the continued rise in demand would continue and was quick to add that the company was ready to cope with it. The latest expansion boosted the overall production of chicken, pork and beef products to over 45,000 tons and created twenty more jobs to the existing one hundred and forty.

The process involved the addition of 22,600 square foot building, which consisted of shipping and receiving section, raw material storage area, state of the art production hall, and waste container storage refrigeration room. Other facilities in the new line included oil service areas, nitrogen tanks, hot water storage tanks, and employees’ social area. One unique development that OSI Food Solutions did was to add a development kitchen with a quality control manager run it in the new line. The motive was to improve the quality according to the changing demand from the customers and clients.

The OSI Food Solutions President and Chief Operations Officer, David McDonald said the new development would allow the company to add new products in line with the growth in the retail market and demand for new food service from its customers. He said that the company is happy with the new development because not only did it satisfy its customers but also created more jobs. The President was also happy with the latest security system and safety equipment that was installed in the plant. OSI Food Solutions Company installed indoor cameras and perimeter surveillance system around the facility for maximum security. To enhance high standard safety measures, the company installed advanced firefighting equipment.


Alex Hern – The Co-Founder Behind Tsunami XR Augmented Reality

Alex HernVR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) has been advancing technology that has been catching attention in the recent decade. Through VR and AR, you can enter into an unimaginable experience that can alter your perceptual information across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory. However, VR will change your entire surroundings while AR brings a new reality into your current surroundings. AR crosses reality which means that it combines all-real and all-virtual environment generated by computer technology. On top of that, AR can sometimes include augmented virtuality (AV) and virtual reality (VR) features as well. While the VR is strongly focused on the video game and entertainment industry AR is more concentrated on daily practical activities. AR has found its use in the U.S. Air Force’s, live NFL games, museums, in stores such as Macy to display furniture modeling, in healthcare for medical student training, and for big tech companies use. Although VR has stood more in the forefront compared to AR, development with AR technology has increased its popularity, such as the creation of the mobile game Pokemon GO. However, it seems that AR’s biggest impact will remain in impacting business enterprises from various industries.

Co-founder Dave Ross and Alex Hern’s software company, Tsunami XR, is developing more advanced software for AR technology. Tsunami XR has planned and is developing AR technology to explain and service complex products, unlock operational efficiencies, increase uptime of industrial equipment, and improve workforce training, productivity, and safety. Alex Hern has been looking for methods that apply AI, machine learning, and cloud-based computing for powerful graphics applications to AR technology. The company began as Tsunami VR, but Alex Hern ventured into XR because “XR or cross-reality is something that [he] want to explore and be at the forefront of in the near future”. With companies taking noticing of Alex Hern’s Tsunami XR AR software solution, it can lead companies to new strategies in everyday business. original source

José Auriemo Neto and JHSF Invest in Brazil and Internationally

JHSF is a property development and management firm based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They develop residential and commercial properties both in Brazil and internationally. They have built and now operate luxury shopping malls, an executive airport, restaurants, and hotels. Their revenue is R $4.5 billion as of the end of 2017.

This company had its beginnings in 1972. Two brothers, Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo, started JHS together along with two other business partners. They engaged in both construction and incorporation. They worked well together up through 1990 when the company was split in two. Half went to Fábio Auriemo who started JHSF while the other half went to José Roberto who started JHSJ.

It was in 2001 that JHSF began to build and manage shopping malls, something that continues to make a large part of their operations. One of their successful malls is Shopping Cidade Jardim which lies in a luxury complex of commercial and residential buildings that they also manage and own.

Another property of JHSF is in Salvador, Bahia. This is the Horto Bela Vista Complex which has a couple of residential towers, and a school. It also includes a shopping mall which is the third largest in the state of Bahia.

After José Auriemo Neto took over as the president and chairman of the board of directors this company began to focus on luxury properties and this has proven to be a winning strategy. He is Fábio Auriemo’s son and took over the family business when he was in his late 20s. One of his focuses has been on the Shopping Cidade Jardim mall where he brought in luxury retailers like Jimmy Choo, Pucci, and Hermès. He has been given the title of King of Luxury in Sao Paulo.

José Auriemo Neto has also invested in real estate in New York City. He built a luxury high-rise apartment building on the famed 5th Avenue which faces Central Park. He even moved his family, including his wife and children, to that city for six months so that he could personally oversee the construction of this building. He only offers the units inside for rent as he has decided he won’t sell any of them.

Stream Energy And It’s Charitable Works

Hurricane Harvey rolled through Houston, Texas with a vengeance in August of 2017. Individuals all over the country witnessed the destruction from the heavy winds and huge amounts of rain. Many people lost their homes and their lives in this devastating storm. One of the first companies to take part in rebuilding the community after the storm was Stream Energy. During the rebuilding period, the company worked with its loyal clients who were having financial hardships due to the hurricane. Stream Energy has been performing acts of charity and has put many efforts into working to better its community for many years. “Stream Cares” is a branch of the company that recently opened, and its sole purpose is to partake it philanthropic works throughout the area.

Stream Energy starting a philanthropic branch of the company is rather rare in the corporate world. This enables the members of the company to give back to the community and will enable the company to increase its recognition in a positive way. This could result in the company greatly increasing its clientele as the company image is seen in an even more positive light. A company going through rough financial times or scandals can use acts of philanthropy to smooth things over and improve the image of the company. Many individuals will point to the greed that supposedly stems from corporate America, however, corporations throughout the entire country give billions yearly to various charities.

Stream Energy is known to have worked with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity for several years. The company employees work with the management to find ways to assist in the local community. Management often encourages employees to choose ways that they feel could do the most good in the area. Many within the company feel that helping the homeless in the community should be a top priority.

Stream Energy works with Hope Supply Company to give children who are homeless a chance to go to a local water park and have an exciting time. Many of these children have never had this experience in their lives. Their food and the cost of the park is paid for. Associates of both companies also help the children by raising money and gathering supplies for the children.

What is Ted Bauman’s Gospel Truth?

Ted Bauman, an expert in finance, can tell a lot by a quick look at the stock market. He’s so good at it, that he can tell you when it’s about to crash. He has been writing for Banyan Hill Publishing now for some time. Recently, he explained 3 possible outcomes that may arise if the stock market crashes.

Ted Bauman believes that the bull market may continue, but he also had the guts to say it could crash all the same. Everyone likes to get his opinion because of his experience and his proven track record. He went to college in South Africa, and what he learned there for low-risk investment strategies was nothing short of astounding. His newsletters that he writes today here in the United States are all focused on low-risk investing, the financial climate of South Africa.

Banyan Hill was singing praises for Ted Bauman after he published a newsletter that was focused on 3 possible outcomes for a crashing stock market. He talks about three primary areas including a return to the average ratio, yield curve recognition, and crash and bounce. The first one is based upon his opinion that US Stocks are overvalued.

The yield curve recognition has to do with long term interest rates staying low. Ted Bauman says to know the difference between the curves and the short-term yields, is can challenging to recognize. While the S&P could drop more than 25% if there is a crash, a majority shift of the house would impact it more than ever. That’s when we have to think about things.

Thirdly, Ted Bauman says that a rise could follow a drop. A quick drop could occur after rules-based selling. Overall, he says that waiting things out is better, but he always goes back to history to look at similar situations. Panic induced actions is where the markets can really experience a problem. Making decisions that are thought out and well-planned are better than freaking out and making a really bad choice before spending or investing.

AIA, Headed By Robert Ivy, Shows Why Professional Societies Are Indispensable

Although most people go through academia to learn their skill or depend on their work for hands-on training, people of a particular skill can benefit a great deal by joining their trade-specific societies. These are not to be confused with trade associations which are an assembly of companies. Professional associations are formed by individuals who drive the field. The benefits of joining professional societies include educational programs, networking exposures as well as building credibility for the members.

Robert Ivy, the executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects adds another important insight. Although trade associations are typically known for political lobbying, professional societies can also sway political decisions by utilizing their resources and influence. This can immensely help the members and hence, belonging to a professional association helps the individuals to voice their opinions and bring real change. Follow him on

Citing their own example, Robert Ivy noted that although the number of architects is small when compared to other professionals, through the American Institute of Architects(AIA), they have gained a strong voice to put forth their opinions. They have an organization that advocated and affected the tax legislation successfully. Robert Ivy has been managing AIA since 2011.

Another plus point of such societies is the number of annual conferences they host or are invited to. A huge population of people in the same profession gathers together;  workers and leaders alike. This is a huge opportunity for networking and considered to be the biggest benefit of such societies by various members.

For some people, being a member of prestigious societies lends them an unparalleled credibility. This is because being a member shows the world their commitment to their field and dedication to continuously update themselves. Serving in a committee is even better, it reflects on the leadership skills that are much sought after. Some societies also require some level of certification, so the companies hiring their members know them to be proficient in their fields.

American Institute of Architects, headed by Robert Ivy, further has a code of conduct and ethics that is well recognized within their field, hence clients hiring AIA’s members find them more reliable.

Because of their immense benefits, these societies need funding to self-sustain. Thus they need to charge membership fees. AIA, for instance, has variable fees in different cities depending on the number of active chapters in an area. Read more on

Whitney Wolfe Has Big Plans For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is an example of the modern businesswoman. She has managed to complete a mixture of female empowerment and dating into her creative platform Bumble. Bumble has embarked into the world of dating with women empowerment at its core. The app focuses on putting women at the forefront and allowing them to make the first move. Bumble has established itself in the dating app world as the go to app for women wanting to be at the spotlight of dating.

Channeling female empowerment into an app industry that typically favors men was no easy task for the CEO. Whitney Wolfe has previous experience of leading a technology and creating dating apps for today’s tech savvy daters. Although she is a hard worker and has trained her team to turn Bumble into a success, she knows the importance of balance. She works to create a workplace that involves fun. She treats her staff of sixty people to spa days, eatings and movies.

Some may think Whitney Wolfe has peaked with Bumble. But Bumble is only scratching the surface for this businesswoman. She plans to launch a skincare line. This company will speak to her female customer base that care about beauty and skincare regimens. The company works with dermatologists and therapists to concoct serums that will help aid emotional issues as well as skincare issues. The serums will launch with quirky names that relate to relationships. She is also working to push Bumble’s sister company Bumble BFF. This app allows for professionals to network. This app encourages hiring, discussions and scheduling meetings and events with other professionals. All of her plans are in an effort of creating a digital community that puts emphasis on women and the causes women are concerned about.

Whitney Wolfe’s days are busy. She is in between meetings, speaking with staff, juggling the profiles of thirty million daters and handling a legal situation. No wonder Whitney Wolfe plans relaxing retreats at the end of the work week for her company’s staff. According to her husband, even a Harvard business class could not teach business better than his wife.

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Gareth Henry Speaks Out About Gay Rights

Those who are members of the lesbian and gay communities can face serious problems merely because of who they are. They may be denied job opportunities, ostracized by their parents and shunned by other members of their community. One person who is speaking out about his personal experience as a gay man is Jamaican native Gareth Henry. Gareth Henry grew up on this island nation. He wants to tell the world about what it is like to feel such harsh issues and how to help those who are suffering. Gareth Henry now lives in Toronto, Canada and feels he can raise his voice for those who cannot do the same. Over the course of his career in sports, he’s helped to raise awareness about the specific issues that gays and lesbians face throughout their lives. The place of his birth makes it a crime to have same sex relationships. This makes it one of seventy-six countries across the globe where gays and lesbians have to live in terror of being harmed or thrown in jail.

Over time, Gareth Henry saw this in person in his own life. He tells the world that thirteen of his friends have actually been literally killed merely for being gay. This is why he does what he does right now. He wants to help create ways to make sure that no one is ever persecuted because of their sexual orientation. He was personally beaten up over a decade ago by a policeman in his homeland in front of a jeering crowd. Moving to Canada has given him a new lease on life and a great opportunity to feel totally free. His work with the organization Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and volunteerism with an organization called the Rainbow Railroad have helped him realize he is not alone. He wants to reach out to all gay and lesbian youth who also may feel alone and feel that no one is listening to their concerns. Henry is there for them. He wants to let them know there is help available that will let them escape potential persecution.

Businessman With Extraordinary Vision: Mr. Guilherme Paulus

Has been the most successful businessman in ventures involving tourism, Guilherme Paulus is a very sought out individual. What are some of the key standouts about Guilherme Paulus? What is it that makes him stand apart from the crowd? Let’s take a brief look into just who Mr. Guilherme Paulus is.

As being the largest entrepreneur in the country of Brazil, Guilherme Paulus is recognized across the globe for his services within the tourism sector. As being the founder of the travel agency CVC, this has enhanced his presence with all things travel and tourism. As always being a person with a desire to hear and listen to others, this has given Guilherme Paulus the advantage needed when it comes to being successful as an entrepreneur.

His travel agency, CVC what’s responsible for transporting over 5 million tourists. With such an amazing amount of activity, Guilherme is not satisfied. Instead, he wants to expand because of his desire to constantly grow and improve on yesterday’s success. Seeking to reach at least 2,000 stores by the year 2020, he has clearly made his vision known to all those who work with him and are closest to him. When he first approached the tourism travel agency arena, he quickly noticed and understood that there was a vast opportunity waiting to be taken. Like any great and successful businessman would do, he quickly seized the opportunity and the rest is history.

With catchy cliches that provide with timeless wisdom when moments of clarity and direction are needed, Guilherme is a very inspirational businessman today. Because he understands the principle of saving first in order to create wealth, his advice to younger businessman and businesswomen are timeless principles that few are giving out today. A key component to the success of Mr. Paulus is his ability to look at past events and see where his mistakes came and develop a plan of action to ensure those same mistake doesn’t happen a second time around. This is just a small example of just how important Guilherme is to the travel agency world today.