Krishen Iyer Connects The World With His Marketing Stategy

Krishen Iyer spent most of his childhood in Fresno, California. He attended Bullard High School and graduated in 1998. Afterwards, he attended San Diego State University where he majored and obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Public Administration. Shortly after college, Krishen got into the insurance field where he led companies to create traffic for insurance field office centers. Krishen became a specialist in advertising and marketing for insurance agencies. He has owned and sold several companies and is an expert in digital and conventional marketing.

One of Krishen’s key accomplishments is becoming an online partner for Quick Link Marketing where he uses his expertise to connect other firms in need of marketing. Probably his most notable accomplishment is turning Quick Link Marketing to his current Fresno-based company Managed Benefit Services, where he works with connecting with customers with e-commerce and other digital marketing strategies. Krishen is also a philanthropist and that he takes part in community service clean-up efforts for his local area. In a July 2017 article, Krishen Iyer sits down with to describe his road to success. Below, we will recap the article.

In the interview, Krishen states that he got the idea for Quick Link Marketing, (now known as Managed Benefits Services) due to the need of specialized marking solutions with lead generation companies which were scarce at the time. He notes that communication is key in order to bring ideas to fruition. He goes on to say that “communication is both a talent and a skill” and that entrepreneurship depends on it. One business idea for his readers that Mr. Iyer mentions in the article is technological innovation. He says that this is the key to make connections between companies looking for marketing solutions and that this idea can apply to other industries.

Lastly, Krishen shares some personal favorites as he notes that his readers should check out Stephen King’s book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” which he states gives useful help to entrepreneurs.


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