Talkspace story of success


Talkspace is a great invention that has been made to help people cope w4ith the way that they are feeling. Talkspace is a therapy company that is stationed in NY and has been a great way to help out many people. It was founded by Oren and Roni Frank in 2012 and has since been a great success to the the psychology and therapy world. Talkspace was developed in hoped of being able to help out people who suffer from mental illness especially those who have mental break downs and mental crisis. Talkspace even provides marriage counseling. This has been a great way for people who need the help and extra support to be able to receive it with out having to travel to an office, and it is also for less money. The first thing that it requires you to do is to be matched up with the correct therapist based on what your needs are. There is a range of certified therapists that can help in marriage counseling all the way to simple personal problems. After that, there is a range of plans that you can choose from based on what your budget is. Once these steps are completed and you are matched with a therapist, then you will be working with that on therapist through out your journey. One of the many great things about Talkspace is that you are able to write whenever you want or whenever a mood hits you. The therapist usually respond once or twice a day, but if you need more then you also have the option to schedule a chat video. Talkspace has recently partnered with Michael Phelps and together they are creating new ways to be able to help out others. He explains who Talkspace has been able to help him in his career and in his personal life. Talkspace has been able to help out many people and that is worthy of admiration.

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