Jeff Herman Provides Insightful Advice To Parents Regarding Protecting Children From Sexual Predators

Jeff Herman is well known for exposing the sexual abuse scandals in dioceses throughout the country including the Archdiocese of Miami. His verdict for his client regarding the sexual abuse of a priest was $100 million. His name has been in the headlines for sexual abuse lawsuits regarding men abused by Kevin Cash, the former Elmo puppeteer. Jeff Herman is based out of Boca Raton, Florida. He exclusively handles cases of sexual abuse while advocating for the rights of the victims. He has provided valuable advice about talking to children about sex crimes.

Jeff Herman warns children are vulnerable to predators. The sexual abuse of a naïve child may cause feelings of guilt or they may be unaware of what has happened. An education and communication can help protect a child from rapists and child molesters. The child can learn how to set boundaries. Children can be spoken to when very young but the conversation must be age appropriate in vocabulary and language. The child can learn which body parts are off limits. This will enable them to understand inappropriate behavior.

All children must understand they are entitled to say no when anyone makes them feel uncomfortable. The child must understand they should not be touched in a way they are not comfortable with. Examples are incredibly important. The child should be told about people who act like friends but intend to cause them harm. They should also be told even police officers, teachers, clergy, friends and coaches do not have the right to make them feel uncomfortable by touching them.

Jeff Herman believes there should be more than one sex talk with children. The child should have open communication with their parents at all times. The importance of boundaries and risks of abuse should be discussed pertaining to everyday situations. The children are not a match for sexual predators. The parents must be paying close attention to what is happening in their children’s lives. There is nothing more critical than establishing a great relationship with the children. This increases the chances they will talk if something unfortunate should happen.

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