Sussex’s Rapkyns Care Home Is One Of The Best Nursing Homes In The United Kingdom

Sussex Healthcare homes have been offering quality health care for over 100 years. They are United Kingdom based healthcare program. Sussex treats many long term aliments and offers long care treatments plans to their patients. Their homes are located all across Warham area of the United Kingdom. They have been accredited with awards such as Health Quality Service (HQS) and Investor in People Standard award.

Sussex is the only healthcare program in the United Kingdom to be award both these awards. Sussex trains their own staff at their own facilities to ensure that patients are getting the best care. The locations of their homes allow patients to live their lives normally. Sussex works with local hospitals and universities to ensure that patients have a integrated medical network working for them. Sussex offers many career to exciting career opportunities such as nursing and therapies. The job listing is located on their website. These job listings have details and their pay rate. Sussex can be contacted for further information. One of these homes is the Rapkyns Care Centre.


Rapkyns Care Centre is located in Horsham, West Sussex. It is a built on 40 acres of land with spacious gardens surrounding it. The main goal of this home is to offer patients a safe and tranquil environment where patients can live their lives normally. The garden is a great place, where patients can go for a relax walking, bird watching and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The rooms are spacious and have built in bathroom. This facility is equipped with around the clock nurses. Specialists are available for therapies such as physiotherapy and reflexology. The staff at Sussex homes go through extensive training so patients can be assured that they are getting the best care. The Rapkyns Centre Home offers many amenities such as a salon, specialty baths and many social programs. There are many activities to keep patients entertained such as quizzes, handicrafts and art therapy. The goal of these activities are to mentally challenge patients and keep patients active. The meals at Rapkyns are made by experienced chefs with fresh ingredients. Since certain patients might have special dietary needs, special meals can be requested. Since November 14,2017, Care Quality Commission (CQC) has give Rapkyns Care Centre a rating of good. Rapkyns Care Centre is a home which offers patients compassionate and effective care but at the same time allow them to live their lives normally.


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