Doe Deere Is One Of The Most Prolific Female Entrepreneurs In The Cosmetics Industry

The name Lime Crime is associated with fantastic colors and high-quality cosmetics that have fans of the makeup company clamoring to grab all of their newest products. The force behind the brand is the ever-colorful and business savvy Doe Deere.


Doe Deere was a business minded individual even when she was a child. She remembers selling temporary tattoos to her friends and schoolmates when they first made an arrival on the market. She also had a flair for color and design. At slumber parties when she was young, she and her friends would experiment with makeup colors and clothes. It was obvious that she was destined to be a force to be reckoned with in the makeup industry. That fierce entrepreneurial spirit would follow her from her home in Russia, to the United States when she was just 19 years old.


Once she settled into the area as a punk musician, she began to integrate her unique flair for makeup and clothing into her act. It was difficult for her to find the right makeup to help her piece together the looks she wanted, so she decided to start making her own makeup. Along the way, she decided to upload tutorial videos to YouTube. Once she was on the social media platform, she began to become a YouTube sensation. People were asking if they could buy her makeup creations, so she started selling her makeup on Ebay. She decided on the name of the company, Lime Crime because she needed a name for her new company. She rhymed her favorite color with the first word that popped into her head and the name Lime Crime was born.


Doe Deere never realized that her makeup would become a huge success. With the proper marketing techniques, which she picked up along the way during her band days, and some elbow grease, she became an incredible success. She never dreamed that one day she would create a company that would be a major name in the makeup industry. Lime Crime is notorious for its brightly colored lip and eye makeup, a well as hair dye and other assorted products that other companies shy away from providing to their customers.


There is now a cult following for Lime Crime cosmetics and the company continues to grow and thrive. The products are all cruelty-free and dermatologist tested, and Doe herself works through every step of the creation and distribution process to ensure her company delivers only the highest quality products. She is even willing to test the new offerings on herself before releasing them to the public. Through hard work and perseverance, Doe Deere has created an incredibly successful company and has proven to be a top entrepreneur in the world today.


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